? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Camera ID, Camera Password, App Account ID?and ?Password

Camera ID

Camera ID is the unique identification for?each camera?including 6-7?digits.?

Camera ID?can?be found on the label which is?attached to the camera.


Camera Password

The?default password is 888?888. During the setup procedure, you?need?to change the password promptly for?security. Camera’s?Password is 6-9 long?

consisting of letters and digits, without special characters, e.g. @#$%&*.?For example, sri133.?The Camera’s?ID and Password are?the only?credential?

to?access the camera.

Once?you?forget the password, you can reset the?camera.(Details please reference to FAQ 2)


App Account ID?and Password

App Account ID is a string of 7?digits?beginning with zero, which is assigned by our database.?When loging in?Sricam?App, you need to?register?an?

Account ID?and?create?Password. The Account ID?is an unique identification for?each user. For security, one user can?only access the camera?

on?one device. That is to say, the previous login?account?will be forced to?exit?when?you?log in?the second device with?same Account ID.?

If you want to access the camera?on?multiple devices simultaneously, more?Account ID?need to be registered.

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